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My foundation and background is as a product design engineer, for a variety of markets. I deliver high quality, error free designs, quickly. I am comfortable working alone, or as part of a team. I have every confidence that to the extent that a position requires digital or analog design I can meet the challenge.

I have specific experience designing embedded micro-controller based products, video capture products, video display controllers, and image processing products. These products include PC bus image capture and display, Parallel printer port image capture, standalone video processors doing averaging and convolution, high speed document scanners, line-scan capture, LCD display controllers and more as outlined on my resume.

My responsibilities have ranged from being the sole design engineer, to working as part of a team designing in-flight entertainment systems to Project Manager of a multi-disciplinary engineering group. As a design engineer I was responsible for creating detailed product specifications based on customer requirements, and then implementing those designs; interfacing with component vendors in identifying components and assemblies; working with pcb layout designers and manufacturing teams; and supporting customers with installation and operational questions.

On a more general level, I believe I bring a broad range of “soft” skills that will enhance my performance at your company. You will find me to be an excellent communicator, energetic, confident, and easy to get along with. I have a wide breadth of knowledge of human behavior and communication styles that gives me much versatility in any number of contexts. I am willing to step into leadership roles, take charge and make decisions based on the larger business constraints. Throughout my career I have endeavored to keep business issues in the forefront, be it as the designer of a low-cost image capture device, or as the Product Manger working with multiple projects, always allocating resources to meet strategic objectives.

My background and experience has afforded me many intangible qualifications one can’t learn from a book. Qualities such as leadership, client satisfaction, motivation, integrity and common sense are just a few, and curiosity, along with my strong, honest work ethic make me a cut above the rest! I ask for a few minutes of your time, so we can further explore the contribution I could bring to your Engineering Department.

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