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4MEG Video Model 12

4MEG Video Model 12

4MEG Video Model 12


  • 4 thru 256 Megabytes of Configurable Image Memory
  • 2 to 50 MHz Sample & Display Rate
  • 4 to 8K Pixels/Line (31K optional)
  • 1 Line/Image to 16,000 Lines/Image
  • 9,000 Frames/Second at 32 x 32
  • Digital Signal Processor On-Board
  • Dual TMS320C40 Processor Option
  • Programmable Video Formats


  • High Frame Rate Motion Analysis
  • Automated Inspection & Sorting
  • Calibrated Image Measurement
  • High Resolution Cine Loops
  • Scientific Image Analysis
  • Character Recognition
  • Document Processing
  • Medical Imaging

4MEG VIDEO Model 12 offers a flexible image processing platform for system integrators, OEMs, VARs, and imaging engineers. A programmable video timing generator allows image acquisition from many different video sources including line scan cameras, high resolution cameras, high frame rate cameras, medical imaging equipment, or from graphics CRTs. The image memory can be configured to accept one or many images (depending on resolution). A 12 MIPS TMS320C25 digital signal processor accelerates image processing functions including user-programmed custom algorithms. The architecture allows for parallel processing in a multiple board configuration.


4MEG VIDEO Model 12 is the latest evolutionary step in the 4MEG VIDEO series. The analog and digital input can be sampled at rates up to 50 MHz. The pixel clock can be selected from either the video camera (or other external source) or an onboard generator. The Model 12 can genlock to composite video, composite sync, or to horizontal and vertical drive signals from almost any video source and format. Alternatively, the Model 12 can generate a variety of capture or display video formats including RS-170, CCIR, RS-330, and RS-343-almost any video format can be generated (within the 50 MHz pixel clock limit). The generation of video formats, coupled with the unique ability to isolate image capture from image display, provides the ability to acquire nonstandard images (line-scan, high frame rate, high resolution) in one format and display in a different format on both standard video and VGA monitors.

An external TTL level trigger can be used to initiate image sequence capture or other functions. A TTL level external output can control strobes, sound an alarm, or initiate defective part removal.

Programmable video resolution is provided in 4 pixel increments. The Model 12 can capture an image as small as 1 line by 4 pixels, or as large as 16,000 lines by 31K pixels-limited only by memory and sampling constraints. An optional 4 input multiplexer allows selection of one of 4 analog video inputs and one of 4 pixel clocks for precise acquisition from multiple cameras. Interfaces to almost all digital cameras including those with up to 16 bits per pixel are available as user installable options.


  • Texas Instruments TMS320C25 DSP
  • 12 million instructions per second (50 MHz)
  • 16-bit arithmetic with 32-bit accumulation
  • 32K word program memory
  • Direct image memory access
  • Download custom software


  • One or two TMS320C40 DSPs
  • 4 or 8MB triple ported image memory on TMS320C40 global buses
  • 1 or 2MB static ram on TMS320C40 local buses
  • Dual port ram for TMS320C40 to PC data transfer and control


  • 4 thru 256 megabyte add-on memory boards
  • Programmable image sizes
  • Bit-plane write protect (64 megabyte only)


  • 2 to 50 MHz sample/display rate
  • 1 to 16,000 lines/field or frame
  • 4 to 8K pixels/line (31K optional)
  • 9,000 frames/second (32 x 32)
  • RS-170, CCIR, RS-330, & RS-343 in/output
  • Acquire & display nonstandard formats
  • Programmable timing & resolution
  • Genlock to external video sources
  • Generate master video timing
  • Pseudo-color display on RGB monitor
  • Non-destructive overlay cursor
  • Trigger signal input and output
  • Analog or digital inputs
  • Optional 4 input video and pixel clock multiplexer


Interface to Cidtec, Cohu, Dage-MTI, Dalsa, DVC, EG&G Reticon, Hamamatsu, Hitachi, Kodak, JC Labs, Loral Fairchild, Nec, Panasonic, PCO, Philips, Pulnix, Sierra Scientific, Sony, Texas Instruments, Xillix, Xybion and MORE! Interface to CT, MR, and ultrasound medical imaging equipment as well as VCRs. Some options require an interface card.