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Copiscan II High Speed Document Scanner

copiscan2The Bowe Bell & Howell Copiscan II Series of scanners are engineered and built to be tough and reliable. These workhorse scanners have a proven track record, as well as an unlimited daily duty cycle.

The Copiscan II Series also offers Bowe Bell & Howell’s ACE (Adaptive Contrast Enhancement) technology available in the 3338A models. ACE is a sophisticated thresholder that converts the grayscale pixel output from a camera sensor into an optimized binary format. ACE enhances the image quality of scanned photographs and optimizes documents containing both photographs and text.

ACE technology benefits any image-processing operation by eliminating operator intervention to control image quality for virtually all documents. Rescans of poor-quality/ low-contrast documents are eliminated, resulting in increased end-user productivity.

The Copiscan II Series of scanners are equipped with a video interface standard. They also offer accessories like Remote SCSI Controllers (RSC) to convert the scanner to work with a SCSI based application. Bowe Bell & Howell also offers automatic document feeders in either 100 or 500-sheet capacity (AccuFeed and AccuFeed Plus) for production environments.