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Miniature Freeze Frame Module

Miniature Freeze Frame Module


  • Small size: 3.30″ x 1.65″
  • Frame or field capture
  • No “field jump” when in field mode
  • Use camera ERC or on-board ERC
  • RS-170 resolution: 768 x 480 x 8 bit
  • CCIR resolution: 768 x 580 x 8 bit
  • Adjustable offset and gain
  • Two trigger modes: level or edge
  • TTL level control input
  • 12 pin Molex interface connector
  • 5 volt @ 310 mA operation

The MINIGRAB is a miniature stand alone digital frame buffer which can be used in RS-170 or CCIR video systems to provide freeze frame capability. A single TTL level signal provides image capture control. The MINIGRAB can be configured to capture an image on command or to alternate between live and captured image. The MINIGRAB can be configured to use the camera’s pixel clock for precise video digitization or an on-board sample clock. It can also be configured to capture a video frame or field. The small size and ease of use allows the MINIGRAB to be easily integrated into existing equipment such as cameras, monitors or custom video products.


  • High Speed Stop Motion
  • Inspection
  • Quality Control
  • Embedded Systems
  • Security