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Parallel Port Image Capture

High Resolution Digital Video Acquisition Module


  • Plugs into bi-directional printer port
  • Transfer image data to PC a field or a
    frame at a time
  • RS-170 resolution:768 x 480 x 8 bit
  • CCIR resolution: 768 x 580 x 8 bit
  • Adjustable offset and gain
  • Video in on BNC
  • C source code included
  • Small 2.2″ x 5″
  • 5 volt @ 400 mA operation

The EPP-CAMPORT-B is an updated version of the Poynting Products Camport which is a video digitizing module for SPP bi-directional printer ports. The EPP-CAMPORT is designed for RS-170 format digital video acquisition using a high speed EPP parallel printer port, a standard peripheral on contemporary PC’s and compatibles. The EPP-CAMPORT is a 2.1″ by 5.1″ card which incorporates a BNC video input connector, a video rate A/D converter, 512KB of high speed video FIFO memory, and a D25-P connector, all controlled by on board logic for compatibility with a standard EPP port. The EPP-CAMPORT digitizes video into 768 pixel by 480 line by 8 bit image format at real time video rates and makes a frame of video data available to the host PC under program control. The EPP-CAMPORT-B is a board level product which requires a single 5VDC supply of 400ma.

The EPP-CAMPORT-B is extremely easy to use in dedicated applications. Only a few commands are required for image acquisition, all effected by writes to the host’s EPP port registers. One command controls image acquisition to freeze the data in the one board FIFO memory, and another instruction uses the EPP port to acquire the next pixel in the image, in a sequential fashion from the FIFO memory. Image transfer from the EPP-CAMPORT-B to the host PC’s memory is accomplished in less than one second. for flexibility, the EPP-CAMPORT-B incorporates an 8 bit input header and an 8 bit output header which may be used by the application to manipulate external hardware, such as the integration control of a CCD sensor. Two additional bits of an EPP-CAMPORT-B register are also connected to reflect the state of the video V sync and FIELD pulses.

The EPP-CAMPORT-B is supplied with a control and test program, including source code in the C language to serve as an example of the ease of use of the device.


  • Portable Image Acquisition
  • PC104 Systems
  • Embedded Systems
  • Notebook PC Image Acquisition