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Standalone Frame Store

Stand Alone Video Frame Store


  • Integration from 2 to 999 frames
  • Capability of 1 to 4 image storage/display buffers
  • Compatible with Sony, Cohu, NEC, Pulnix cameras
  • Auto detecting RS170, CCIR
  • Pushwheel integration control
  • Use camera ERC or on-board ERC
  • RS-170 resolution: 768 x 480 x 8 bit
  • CCIR resolution: 768 x 580 x 8 bit
  • Small 5″ x 5.2″ module
  • 5 volt @ 510 mA operation
  • Available as board or in chassis
  • Positive/Negative video inversion

The D9000 is a small, stand alone field or frame store that controls the on-sensor integration capabilities of many CCD cameras.

The primary application of the D9000 is the acquisition and display of images from very low light level scenes. The combination of the D9000 and a CCD camera with integration capability is a low cost alternative to more expensive digital systems as well as photographic film processes. An added feature of the D9000 is its capability of acquiring up to four images for reference display as well as positive/negative video inversion.

The integration control functions through the use of three BCD pushwheel switches (0-999). A Run/Freeze switch selects Run to continuously integrate or Freeze to capture and display the last integrated image.

A BCD pushwheel switch is available to select from the optional one to four image buffers.


  • Astronomy
  • Microscopy
  • Fluorescence
  • Image Intensification
  • Stand-alone 1 to 4 image display buffer