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Engineering Resume


Technical Professional with 16 years high technology design, development and technical support experience, and 6 years experience as business owner. I am solution oriented, an excellent problem solver, and a creative thinker. I work well as part of a team or independently.


2002 – Present – Business Owner

I own and operate 3 businesses providing Coaching Services, Real Estate Investments, and Internet Marketing.

1998-2002       Rosen Products, LLC Eugene, OR

Project Manager and Senior Electrical Engineer

  • Led team of 8 engineers (Electrical and Mechanical) in development of Video and Audio entertainment systems for General Aviation market. In this position I streamlined project workflow, created dedicated teams to increase production and output of the department. This led to faster turnaround for projects, higher team member participation and work satisfaction, and increased profitability for the department.
  • As Senior Electrical Engineer, designed video display controllers for LCD displays, using Xilinx FPGA, SRAM, DRAM, VRAM, microprocessors (8051 and PIC), video encoders and decoders.
  • Designed new 8.4” aviation display costing 50% less than older version, using the latest technology, fewer parts.
  • Designed power supplies, I2C bus, RS-422 interfaces.
  • Worked with EMC and other Test Engineers to improve reliability.
  • Designed to meet specifications for in-flight equipment (RTCA DO-160, Environmental Conditions and Test Proc. For Airborne Equipment).
  • Provided full documentation and instructions for Firmware engineers and Technical service department. Worked with Manufacturing and Tech service depts. during production phases.
  • Evaluated and recommended new technologies and suppliers to decrease costs while improving quality and manufacturing workflow. Worked with vendors, software engineers, manufacturing engineers and quality staff to conform to ISO9001 standards.
  • Member of Team developing Quality System for certification to ISO9001 standards. Passed initial audit for meeting ISO 9001.

1996 – 1997  Bell and Howell Chicago, IL.

Electrical Engineer

  • Member of  team to finalize design of High Speed Document Scanner (Copiscan 8000, scanning up to 125 pages per minute, duplex).
  • Debug custom design high speed image processing circuits utilizing Xilinx FPGAs.
  • Debug SCSI interface designed with ATMEL FPGAs
  • Refine design to conform to UL Safety and Radiation standards.

1994-1996        Poynting Products, Oak Park, IL.   www.poynting.com

Engineer and General Manager

  • Engineer duties were to design, layout, debug video display circuits for image processing applications. Included software development, Xilinx FPGA, DRAM, VRAM, logic, Video A/D and D/A, and specialized image processing Ics (convolution, averaging, etc.).
  • Wrote user interface software using PIC and 8051 Assembly language.
  • Designed real-time image averager for X-ray capture and display.
  • Designed image capture using PC printer port – this application used for remote surveillance.
  • Worked with vendors and suppliers to identify components and processes for implementation.
  • As General Manager, worked with customers in defining new products to fit price/performance requirements, worked with vendors, advertisers, and internal staff to increase profitability and sales.

1986- 1994            Epix, Inc., Buffalo Grove, IL www.epixinc.com

Electrical Engineer

  • Designed Image Capture cards for PC and AT Bus computers. 4MEG Video had 4 megabytes of memory (first frame grabber with this much memory, back in 1986, 1987), TI TMS320 family Digital Signal Processor, DRAM, PAL, RAM technology. Included Pixel Clock generators, AD/DA converters. Won Product of the year 1993.
  • Designed 4MEG Video Model 12 – 12 megabytes of memory, improved camera interfaces, smaller form factor, improved signal processing speed.
  • Designed camera interface cards and developed software applications using C language and TMS320 Assembly Language.
  • Provided detailed customer support for specific camera applications. Designed camera interfaces for use in PC frame grabber applications, including high speed capture, line scan cameras, and large format cameras (1 Megapixel, which in the late 80’s was BIG).
  • Attended trade shows and other sales support functions.


  • University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL, Electrical Engineering
  • Empowerment Partnership, Honolulu, HI. Certification as Master Practitioner and Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis. Intensive communication training including sales, persuasion, objections, quantum linguistics.
  • Peak Potentials Training, Vancouver, BC. Training and development in Leadership, Speaking, Training, Sales, Marketing, Guerrilla Business and more…
  • Landmark Education Corporation. Course Supervisor Training program – organize and supervise 3 day and 4 day intensive trainings, including enrolling and training volunteers in a variety of functions and duties, managing all aspects of the course, reporting directly to course leaders.