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Young Entrepreneurs Seminar Series

The Young Entreprenuers Training Program aims to inspire young people (ages 16~22) to imagine creating value in the world such that others want to pay them for it.


The training program gives the participants a glimpse into the world of self employment, how to generate million-dollar ideas, finding resources where none existed before, and providing value in a way that is fulfilling. Participants will see the value in creative thinking outside the box, how to generate possibility in the face of no agreement, and how to take an idea and bring it into the world as a new possibility.


If you are interested in participating in this ground-breaking program, we want to hear from you!


We are looking for teachers, promoters and mentors to guide this program to a long-term future providing avenues for young people that they did not know existed.


Please call Dan DeLuca to find out how you can participate. Contact me with the form on my home page!