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Technical Sales Qualifications

Sales Professional with 14 years high technology sales and technical support experience, 5 years experience as business developer and 3 years as owner of a  coaching and training company. I develop long term relationships, am excellent at prioritizing, time management and multi-tasking. I am solution oriented, an excellent problem solver and a creative thinker. Work well as part of a team or independently.

Personal Strengths

  • Ability to synthesize complex problems and solutions and communicate them effectively.
  • Skilled negotiator who creates excellent long term relationships.
  • 3 Years successful experience in direct sales of products and services
  • Ability to use a variety of sales strategies and programs, and follow through to ensure success.
  • Continually improving skills through study and ongoing training.



  • 4 years experience prospecting, cold calling, networking and follow up.
  • Experience creating and giving compelling sales and training presentations for large groups.
  • Well developed people skills through training and front line experience.
  • Created and produced trainings on motivation, self esteem..
  • Comfortable with Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel, Project, PowerPoint, Sage ACT!


  • 14+ years experience providing exceptional technical client service to over 100 accounts.
  • Work well in interdisciplinary environments.
  • Able to lead multi-disciplinary teams to desired outcomes.
  • Utilize 5 Step Sales process for maximum closing ratio with full satisfaction of all parties.
  • Excellent tracking and follow through with prospects, clients and service providers.
  • Relationship builder and networker.


  • 16 years experience designing electronic imaging and vision systems for PC bus, standalone image analysis, LCD display controllers, medical image processing, factory automation, scientific research and aviation entertainment systems.
  • Designed for X86 computers, embedded microcontrollers, digital signal processors.
  • Work directly with prospects during initial sales phases, and follow through with full technical support to ensure successful utilization of product in final system.
  • Assisted in design of vision systems for high speed document scanning (125 pages/sec, duplex).
  • Wrote debug code in various assembly languages and C+. Created demonstration programs from driver libraries used for sales support and proof of concept.
  • Comfortable with Microsoft Windows, Linux.