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Trainer/Instructor Resume


Training Professional currently offering life and health coaching, counseling and training services, with 3 years as a coach and trainer, 5+ years experience as business owner and 16+ years high technology experience. A natural leader who works well both independently and as part of a team.


  • 3 Years successful experience in direct sales of products and services
  • Started Training Company in 2006 for coaching and personal development.
  • Extensive practical hands on experience as owner and manager of small business
  • Familiar with and enthusiastic user of new media such as social networking and blogging.



  • Have developed and/or trained students in the following subjects: Effective Communication; Sales Processes; Motivation; Hypnosis; Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Certified Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Hypnosis and Time-Empowerment Techniques.
  • Utilize the latest accelerated learning techniques that keep students engaged and participating, leading to greater learning and use of knowledge.
  • Have developed and taught 7 week Weight Reduction workshop for Lane Community College Health and Wellness Program Department.
  • Have developed and taught 9 week Hypnosis program for Lane Community College Continuing Education Department.
  • Currently working with Lane Business Development Center to develop workshops and trainings for employees and business owners.
  • Have given presentations to over 100 audience members.
  • Continue to develop Business, Marketing and Sales presentations for my own business.


  • 4 years experience prospecting, cold calling, networking in person and via internet.
  • Experience giving sales presentations for up to 65 people.
  • Provided one on one account management for a variety of products and services.
  • Created and produced trainings on motivation, self esteem..
  • Created and produced training programs in the areas of personal development, motivation, NLP, Hypnosis, emotional release.
  • Author of book “LaunchPad: Get Started and Keep Going.” Based on 2 day training of same name.
  • Design systems to reliably and predictably create interest and excitement in potential clients.


  • Created Print and Online advertisements for Training Company
  • Designed and created website for Coaching and Training Business
  • Design and produce flyers, brochures, direct mailings, magazine and newspaper advertisements.
  • Designed and organized variety of online back-end sales campaigns to maintain contact and upsell existing client base.
  • Design and create compelling referral programs
  • Implement Continuity programs that keep client base engaged and aware of new products and services
  • Joint Venture with complementary product/service providers to create high value packages for mutual benefit.
  • Create teleseminars that engage prospects and clients, adding value and providing new content and opportunities for cross promotion, upselling, and new client capture.
  • Understand the Lifetime Client Value to better know how much to spend to get new clients.
  • Create product packages that provide huge value for clients while creating higher transaction amount.
  • Identify and define target markets in terms of demographics and psychographics.